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A conviction for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) in South Carolina can have devastating consequences on your finances, personal life, and career.

A conviction of a first offense DUI can result in:

    1. Fines, court fees, and jail time

    2. Mandatory completion of Alcohol and Drug Safety Action

        Program (ADSAP) classes

    3. Driver’s license suspension for 6 months

    4. Mandatory high cost SR-22 automobile insurance

    5. Permanent criminal record

Conviction of a second or subsequent DUI can result in the following penalties:


    1. Driver’s license suspension for 1 years for second offense, 2-          4 years for third offense, and permanent revocation for          fourth offense.

    2. Higher fines and court fees

    3. Mandatory jail sentences

    4. Mandatory ignition interlock device installed on vehicle

    5. Mandatory vehicle immobilization

In addition to criminal penalties, a DUI conviction may result in:

    1. Loss of scholarships

    2. Loss of employment or inability to obtain employment

    3. Loss of Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) or inability to          obtain CDL